Up before 7, worked at E77 about 8:30-12. Did some ok revision/sharpening on the section so far, and added 600 words. Came back, tried to get going on some mundane things, ended up finishing the Everett. Might be one of his best books, next to Watershed, of the ½ his output I’ve read. Also read a sample chapter of Deloria and Olson, American Studies: A User’s Guide (dl’ed from publisher); I’m not certain it’s the intro I need. Got into a couple hrs. of email organization. Wrote to Corey Fogel about playing w/ me and Dan Clucas at the Battery in Pasadena in Jan. Ordered Pete Blegvad’s new record. Listened to a Blue Note comp of boogie woogie and stride, though Sammy Benkin’s “The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise” is a stretch by that definition. Unfamiliar highlight: James P. Johnson, “Mule Walk (Stomp).” Wrote to relatives about Rosina; I doubt we’ll be back in CA in time for the services. Reshelved some records I’d been sorted. It looks like my collection divides into about 9 categories: rock (all eras); jazz (all eras) and (very little) blues; soul/r&b/funk (not enough disco or hip-hop vinyl for a separate section) folk/country/roots; musical theater/standards/cabaret; classical; Latin/int’l; spoken word/kids’ records (though most of those are Bree’s/oddities (advertising records, etc.); New Wave Time Capsule. Could break out commies/agitprop (Paul Robeson, Weimar, &c.) despite overlap w/ folk, pre-jazz (e.g. ragtime), and piano jazz.

Can imagine having gotten a lot more done from, say, 3-8. Read Robins on train to Wmsbg., met Drew and Katie for his birthday at Skinny Dennis, watched a set and change by Zephania Ohora and his Last Roundup Boys (almost all Merle Haggard songs, except for a request for “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” he read off his phone). Good singer (he’s sat in w/ Laura, I said hi), more Willie than Merle, tight band (2 teles, pianist who turned out to be a fair hand on guitar as well when he switched, jazz-ringer bass player ala Jeremy, idiomatically subdued drummer). Stayed a couple hrs; 2 Guinnesses. Now I just have to get out to see Smokey Hormel and Thirsty Dave. Home/lights out 1 am.

[Mick Moloney, “Along the Rocky Road to Dublin” to Orquesta de Felipe Valdez, “Alza Colombia”]