Up 8-ish, went out by 11, stopped for coffee at a Japanese snack place on 80th I hadn’t been in, fine but not suitable for working. Went to Lucid in Woodside. Worked on “formalism” section of intro from 11-3, but really felt like I was spinning my wheels and didn’t add much. Read Evie Nagy’s 33 1/3 on Freedom of Choice (which I’d started on the train in); well-reported. Daybook. Got back around 5, rested, finished Nagy and read all but the last 2 long poems in Lauterbach.

But if the love of data refutes mystery
must the philosopher walk away?
The poet is a procrastinator
and a revisionist. She observes
the river is for the birds. She recalls
the sacred Nantucket coast.
Her vision is empirical
even as a love of mystery refutes data. (118)

This is a nicer expression of argument between philosophy and poetry than most, but I object to the word “refutes.” Stayed around the house in the evening, mostly doing email – sent rough mixes of horn songs to Cheryl and Steve (the Scene Is Now), just as a first step. And that was one of the bigger accomplishments. Read last 2 Lauterbach poems (“Elements of the Poem,” a little clearer the most of the book, and “Song of the O,” an Emerson erasure. Lights out shortly thereafter, about 11:45.