Up 9. Moved some plants for Bree. At E77 around 11:30, read James bio and wrote a long message to a listerv (about sexual impropriety in the UCLA phil. dept.). Maybe not the greatest use of my time. Came home, napped and finished the James book – which is not quite the “appreciation” the jacket copy suggests. Dhondy, who knew James well in the 1970s, presents him as complex but rather self-serving, and neither as simple nor consistent in his views (on revolution and Black Power, among other things) as is presented by those who drop his name. I should read the work itself, at least some essays, but when? Moved more plants, went back out about 7:30, first at E77 and then (after the blues trio started) to Starbucks, to write Black Box Recorder piece I’d promised for HiLobrow. Not deep, but pretty smooth sailing – wrote 600 words, cut it to 500. Done by 11, didn’t stay up long after I came back.