Full day. Up 7. Left w/ Bree before 9:30; she was going to physical therapy.

Read Blue Bloods on the train (throughout day). Therapy. Met Bree at Walter Reade for Now, Voyager (Irving Rapper 1942), which I’d unaccountably never seen. Relatable (actually, I was close to tears for much of the running time). Had coffee together nearby, she went home, I went downtown to check out the holiday record sale at the Archive of Recorded Music. It had been going on for several days, and the pickings were fairly slim, which is fine given my dislike of collector/hoarder crowds. Came out with Gilberto Gil, Carlos Gardel, and Tim Lee CDs, LPs of Peter Maxwell Davies, Eight Songs for a Mad King (w/ Julius Eastman), the soundtrack to A Patch of Blue, and a copy of Berliner, Thinking About Jazz. Had a bite at a cabbie joint; got a coffee and a free cookie, got back into Poincaré. Walked around the corner to the “Speech Acts” event at Triple Canopy, a reading/panel associated with a show at ICA in Philly (which I won’t be seeing; might track down the Futurepoem catalog). Chatted with Dan Machlin and Serena Jost beforehand. Tiona Nekkia McClodden, Kameelah Janan Rasheed, Morgan Parker, and Simone White. Rasheed, about whom I knew nothing, extremely lucid, quality of discussion otherwise uneven – I thought Parker and White were saying almost diametrically opposed things about linearity and genealogy, w/o acknowledging it. Someone said that as a black woman, she was speaking a language (English) that she wasn’t intended to speak; tendentious way to use “intended” (by?), but it formulates something that might be said about music too. Stopped by E77 on the way home. Read up to ½ way point in Crawford (a book I’m not sure I like much), another 50 p. of Blue Bloods, and heard some bluegrass. Home at 11.