Up 7:30. Wrote at Caffe Bene 8:30-11:30; completed one paragraph about the relevance of harmony to form, went on to more bridge-specific points. About 500 words (my current quota), but 2nd ½ is v. rough. At home, read another chunk of Blue Bloods and made vague gestures in the direction of packing – mostly, searching for a couple of books I want to take (it’s finally time to hunker down and read Lawrence Levine), and a few LPs for DJing. Much of the afternoon is foggy. Eventually read some Poincare (he’s arguing against logicism, mostly non-technically, w/ some discussion of Russell’s paradoxes; Cantor, Peano, Zermelo all make appearances; in some ways he was proven right, but he surely underestimated the power of formalization; no mention of Frege, who was obscure at the time). Went w/ Bree to the early music concert at St. Mark’s (two blocks away, not Manhattan; wrote daybook entry before it started), then to my neighbor Jennie’s holiday party. Mostly talked to people from our building. I wasn’t completely in the holiday spirit; a lot of negative self-talk lately, to use the jargon. Came back after midnight; Bree stayed behind to help clean up.