Up in the middle of the night for a while, listened to an Open Culture podcast on AI/Big Data (not really the same thing, as I’ve understood the former…) and some of A-Z playlist before dozing off again. Got up at 7:30, went to Café Benne, read Simak. Daybook. Walked to Langston Hughes Library – following my recent pattern of walking along a bus route but not catching a bus. Worked from just after 10 to 2:30 – pretty good pass at 1,100-word chunk of intro, some writing some revision/editing. Listened to some of Mitch’s rough mixes from last week – I don’t want to get tied to them, and definitely have some non-technical ideas about how the final mixes should go (bring out Pete’s gtr in some places, edit out some overdubs on some sections, etc.), but there’s potential. Walked home w/ headphones: Mistook a Grizzly Bear song for Van Dyke Parks – might have to turn in my card. Came home, rested, read more Simak, listened to a couple of podcasts, made myself unpack/organize/regroup from the weekend. Rented a car for next weekend. Went out again to E77 at 8, had 1 beer, read a few poems in Lauterbach, tried to work on “Viable” lyric while listening to an OK country duo. Back around 10, went to bed shortly after.

[Aretha Franklin, “All The Kings Horses” to Billy Bragg & Wilco “All You Fascists”]