Up 7:30. Went to Café Benne and worked on song parody of “London Calling” for Kristin Thompson’s birthday next weekend. Tried to work on intro for 90 min., felt extremely blocked and self-critical. Went home and waited for Nada Gordon to show up for informal “musical theory.” She was running late and asked us to meet her for Vietnamese food near 74th St. station. So we did. Came back around 3, spent about 2 hrs. talking about scales, chords, and functional harmony, and showing her guitar fingerings. We jumped around a bit, but an “apt pupil.” Left at 6 for Joe’s Pub, to see Pete Galub play in a reconstruction of VU’s Loaded, with a live sketch artist projecting drawings throughout the set. Not sure why, exactly, but it was enjoyable and musically on point. Impressed w/ the bass player, Annie Nero, who also stepped out front for an encore of “After Hours.” Pete sounded great, of course, and sang “Lonesome Cowboy Bill.” Over by 8, so walked up to the Strand, picked up a dollar copy of one of S. Burt’s critical books, Nile Rodgers as-told-to, and a hybrid essay-poem called You, Me, and the Violence that I’d noticed new at Unnameable. Headed home, read Simak on train. Got the daybook in there somewhere. Lights out around 11.