Up about 7, worked on intro at E77, 8-ish to noon. Lunch, zonked out for a couple hrs. at home, finished the Clifford Simak novel, which was not worth the time, around 4. Bree came home a little upset b/c there was a scheduling mistake w/r/t her doctor’s appt. Spent a while working through about ½ of the Laura set – picked out the horn line to Doug Sahm’s “One-Way Crash Course Love Affair,” but otherwise less playing than checking that the charts made sense. Probably a few other mundane tasks in there, but I can’t recall them. Went back to E77 around 7 and worked until closing at 10. Dithered quite a while before going to bed – 1, 1:30? Listened to part of a podcast interview w/ Tomas Fujiwara.