Up 7, worked at E77 8:30 to nearly 1. Lunch. An elderly woman who apologized for her English tried to discuss her banking issues with me. Voicemail from Laura asking if I could talk about the “folk process” around a song in the show. Came home and tried to get into some tasks.


-       Partially cleaned tub.

-       Took a bunch of things that were too heavy for Bree downstairs to our storage space.

-       Worked on the rest of the songs for tonight, inc. another Guy Clark

-       Figured out something to say about “Handsome Molly” and “Dublin Blues”

-       Cleaned an partly assembled a found CD cabinet.

-       Talked to someone from Bree’s insurance provider.


Walked over to Laura’s, took a train to Sid’s together, played year’s last States of Country (of 5 or 6 I’ve been on, I think) about 7:30-9: 


Starry Skies

Lee Harvey Was A Friend of Mine

Dallas (Flatlanders)

Lone Star State of Mind (Nanci Griffith)

Ain't Living Long Like This (Waylon Jennings)

White Freightliner (Townes Van Zandt; Mark Spencer feature, w/ blazing gtr.)

Long Long Time (Linda Ronstadt, w+m Gary White; w/ Mary Lee)

Dublin Blues (Guy Clark)

She Ain't Going Nowhere (ditto; w/ Eric Ambel)

Die Fun (Kacey Musgraves, w/ the Tall Pines)

How Do You Feel About Fooling Around? (Kristofferson/Jennings, w/ the Tall Pines)

It’s Alright (Buddy Holly, w/ Jay Sherman-Godfrey – he showed us the song in the bathroom)

One Way Crash Course (Doug Sahm – great song)

No Place to Fall (TVZ; w/ Mary Lee)

Pancho + Lefty (TVZ)

Hung out for an hr +, talked about sexual harassement w/ Laura, Jay, Rachel Gilkey. Inconclusive. Rode back to JH w/ Laura per usual – cabbie lived a few blocks away, as sometimes happens. Home/lights out about 12:30.