Up for a bit around 2 (said hello to nightshift caregiver), and then for good at 5:30 (time change, will be this way for a few days at least). Watched a bit of Marriage is a Private Matter w/ Lana Turner on TCM, then read 10 p. of Levine. Once dad woke up in his armchair (he’d been to bed, not sure how long), chatted a while. Got the car keys and went out about 6:30; found a handful of CDs I’d left behind in the trunk, put on Carly Rae Jepsen, E-Mo-Tion. At Coffee Klatch in Rancho Cucamonga by 7. Got spending record up to date, opened up Ch. 1, worked from about 7:30-11. I think I’ve made a good strategic decision both in slightly reshuffling a couple of subsections of the chapter to introduce “cultural” rather than technical/musicological matters more quickly, and is reminding me of what I don’t need to rehearse in the preface/intro. Improved several paragraphs, word count n/a.

Came home, discussed a few things with my Dad, read a little more Levine, took a nap from 2-4. Went shopping for dinner w/ Bree, came back, unpacked, read a bit more. Talked about how things have been around the house w/ Liz (the most frequent afternoon/early evening caregiver), and what to do for Xmas Eve. Dinner; watched Jeopardy w/ Dad. Went out to Upland Starbucks at 8:30. Too many loose ends to get back to work. Rated a few late EMP proposals, finished quota of Levine (p. 103), caught up quickly in daybook (4 p.). Nice relative obscurity on the instore playlist: The Miracles’ “Christmas Everyday.” Puzzled through two Sandra Macpherson poems in Poetry (one seemingly about buying a forged Whistler print off eBay; not sure what the terseness of the line-breaks is for except to obscure aboutness) and a longer one by Eisder Mosquera: starts w/ a clear lyric occasion (visit to a Cuban dog-track, musings on the poet’s homeland) veers into descriptions of marmoset videos (“The YouTube bubble/incarnadine in the corner”) and distant, near-abstract voyeurism: “I listen in/on the praxis applied/to the nexus/in accelerating,/intimate make-out/fondling.” Would read more. Home at 11, coincident w/ caregiver’s shift change. Started rereading (skimming) Allen Callaci’s memoir Heart Like a Starfish, looking for details/rhyme words to fill in a song I’m stuck on (“Viable”). Lights out at midnight.