Up 6-ish. Worked at Coffee Klatch about 8:30-11:30. Got the history/origin grafs more together, started too look at the “4 types of bridge” which is too long. I think I have to return to a section on repetition in between. Tried to take my dad’s hearing aids to be serviced, but they were taking an extra day off after Xmas; same with Claro’s; picked up a few things at Smart & Final. Came to the end of disc 2, Okeh Ellington; put on a CD by Henri Texier (French jazz bassist, no strong impression yet). Rested at home, eventually got back to reading Levine. Fooled around at the piano off and on, playing through some harmonizations of “All the Things You Are” Ethan Iverson published on his blog, and trying to get back into Two-Part Invention No. 1 (the famous No. 5 enervates my dad, I think). The physical therapist the hospital ordered for Mom came by around 5:30; she followed instructions better than I expected, but did complain of some soreness later. Dinner. Went out about 8:30-10:30, worked just a little more. House quiet when I go back, but the hot water in the kitchen sink couldn’t be turned off from the faucet; my dad had called a plumber before he went to bed, while I was gone, but to no avail. I turned it off from below the sink, which is about as handy as I get. Read to p. 50 of Martin Eden – I guess I’m seeing already that it’s going to be a moth-to-flame tale; he’ll be broken on the rocks of class ambition. I want to say that the style of non-modernist early-20th c. novels is not congenial, but I guess it’s just that London’s psychologizing and techniques seem unsubtle compared to James (is he a modernist?) or Wharton. Struck by the phrase “tie-ribs of language.” Last poem in this daybook, maybe my fourth filled in the last 18 months. Fell asleep to an interview w/ Craig Taborn.