Up at 6. Listened to a little bit of a Taborn/Wm. Parker/Gerald Cleaver trio. Got out by 7; dad will call the plumber again. Rhonda said my mom got up and down from her chair better after the soreness of the phys. Therapy wore off, so that’s good. Went to Koffee Klatch – a ‘20s jazz recording of “Three Little Words,” more syncopated than the openly pop Ellington one I happened to hear yesterday, but I couldn’t Shazam it in time. Worked from 7:45-11 on “four families,” up to the breakdown. Blew $4 at the Mennonite Thrifts Store – the Aretha Franklin bio I’ve cited from library copies; the Housemartins The People Who Grinned Themselves to Death, a copy of the first Katydids CD (San Diego major label jangle band no one else remembers; I put this on immediately as comfort food), and a collection of Bernstein-conducted marches. Went to the hearing aid place, but after I parked, couldn’t find the baggie I’d put them in. Looked at home, in car, bag, etc., went back to coffee, no luck. Really a mystery. Had lunch and read 25 p. Levine. Wrote to Daniel & Kristi and Dan Clucas about joining me for my birthday Friday. Went to downtown Upland with Bree around 3. Bought an odd variety of 50-cent LPs/CDs at library book sale, inc. a nice Nonesuch pressing of Silver Apples of the Moon. Bree got a collection of George Kaufman’s prose and an old French cookbook. Poked around 3 antique mall downtown, didn’t buy anything else. Picked up dinner at Padua Pasta Makers. Ate w/ parents, watched Jeopardy w/ Dad. Went out to Starbucks a little after 8, read the last bit of Levine (on the gradual change from folkloric animal/trickster figures to outlaws/“bad men” [I was wondering when Stagerlee would come into it] and genuine heroes [Jack Johnson, Joe Louis]) and the epilogue. Easily one of the most edifying and judicious books, on any topic, I’ve read in the last few months. Looked more at the breakdown section; its delicate. Heard more of the Henri Texier CD off and on in the car over the course of the day – solid Euro-jazz (not “free”/non-idiomatic), more tunes based on ostinati than changes. Came home, read 2 ch. of Martin Eden. Cold a bit better today, but too tired to read/write poetry. Lights out 11:45.