Up 7, went out about 8, worked 8:45-noon on breakdown section. I think it’s ok. Don’t expect to be able to write tomorrow. Picked up a few poetry books at Claremont Library Book Sale (I’ve made my usual rounds by now, except for Ontario, which tends to be thin): Noelle Kocot, Phantom Pains of Madness; Cathy Eiesenhower, Distance Decay; Vi Khi Nao, The Old Philosopher, Paul Nesmer, Taurus, and and African novel, Camara Laye, The Radiance of the King. Also, a bit of sheet music, inc. a fairly old copy of “Lady! Be Good,” with a cover advertisting the original Broadway production. Could be from 1924, since there was some pretty old parlor music in the bin. Had lunch and wrote first page in new poetry daybook. KSPC 2-4 – I left my CD wallet at home, so a few things will wait until the following weeks. Didn’t talk much, b/c of the cold, despite cough syrup and Fisherman’s Friend, but a listener texted me that I was smacking my lips too much. “See also ‘misophonia’.” Another listener defended me. Playlist.

Picked up a few things at Stater’s and Claro’s on the way home. Dinner; Jeopardy. Tired, but got myself to read a few chapters of Martin Eden and start Tom Mandel, To the Cognoscenti. Wrote another page in daybook, somewhat after Mandel; caught up. Took to bed at 11.