Up before most of the house, except Bryan D. Walked into the village to pick up coffee pods for the Keurig, and have coffee [by] myself at Bread Alone, where I used to go before class when I taught at Bard. Read to p. 40 of Tony Hiss, The Experience of Place and finally caught up to the date in the poetry daybook. Went back to house for last breakfast/packing/goodbyes, got out by 11. Spent rest of day looking at antiques/books/records in Rhinebeck and Kingston w/ Bree. Gritted my teeth and bought an obscure underground Dylanologist publication from 1971 for (a) research (b) more than I’d normally spend. Other smaller purchases – looking forward to a book on C.L.R. James, and a bunch of $2.50 LPs from Rocket No. 9 (owned by Doug Wygal of the Individuals, apparently, though he wasn’t there). Bree found things she liked as well. Glanced at a couple of historic bldgs./plaques. Had snack/coffee in an odd shop/café called Outdated that specialized in deadstock notions (inc. some tempting memo pads, but I really do own enough blank notebooks of all sizes) and oversized scones. Left a little after 4, drove home, talked and listened to the O’Jays, Ship Ahoy – I’d forgotten about “Money, Money, Money,” which I arguably unconsciously swiped for a moment in “Faith and Credit.” Didn’t hit bad traffic, back in JH before 7. Unloaded car, left Bree, returned it to Enterprise, did the same routine as a couple weeks ago of walking home along the bus route. Have been really lucky, generally, that it’s not as cold as last year (whatever that means for the species).

The amount of time I’ve spent out of town, either for music (Catskill, Kernersville) or not (Thanksgiving, this weekend) in the last two months is unusual. Not unpleasant, but I’m glad to be done until we go back to CA before Xmas. Haven’t written for more than 3 or 4 days in a row in weeks. Anyway, finish line of weekend reached by 8. Saw that a small package from Mitch came in the mail; turned out to be a hard drive, presumably w/ my Pro Tools sessions and (I hope) rough mixes – too tried to plug it in. Lights out by 10.