Up 7. Out a little after 9. Read Hiss on train. Didn’t do much of great use at coffee – got involved in a thread about Christmas music on a listserv. Therapy. Headed downtown w/ plan of working at Jefferson Market library. Fine, except they don’t have, I was told, “a public bathroom for adults.” Found one at a nearby market then went back and worked desultorily from about 2-4:45. Starting the “defense of music theory” section of intro – got into 2nd graf. Met Bree at IFC to see Bombshell (Alexandra Dean 2017), the documentary about Hedy Lamarr and her frequency hopping co-invention w/ George Antheil, for which she began to get credit just before her death. As filmmaking, it’s mainly the usual modern doc combo of stock/archival stills [inc. distressing pictures of her after late plastic surgery] and footage, voice-only taped interviews w/ the subject, and talking heads, but it’s a fascinating story of a strange and in her combination of experiences possibly unique woman. Went w/ Bree to her MRI at Cedars. Didn’t take long. Home around 10, lights out by 11.