Up 6. Listened to a music business podcast, went back to bed. Up for good 9:30.
Went to E77. Spent 15 min. cleaning up desktop. Read middle third of Koeneke.
Spend 2 hrs. on TPA ch. intro.
Picked up bottled water for Bree. Home about 1:30.
Read 50 p. quota of Latouche, most of it on Beggar’s Holiday, his collaboration w/ Ellington, w/ breaks for lunch and (briefly) piano. That took me until about 4.
Took a nap for an hr.
Ordered a copy of a Cecil Taylor/Pauline Oliveros DVD.
Listened to one side of an old Blue Note compilation (’40s sides, inc. James P. Johnson and Sidney Bechet). 
Wrote 1 p. in poetry daybook. Made a little pile of the books I mean to read over the next month or so.
Worked on draft of Pop Con talk at E77, 7-10.
Had a slice, got some extra cash, came home, watched Perry Mason.
1 more page in daybook, to catch up. One small tax task.
Put on Code Girl. Lights out 1:30.