Up 7:45. Late-night clips.
E77 around 9. DM exchange w/ Mark about playing a show together (sometime).
Read Golden Apple ch. of Latouche - quick, b/c I know the show and skimmed the synopsis.
Started looking at Jennifer Moxley’s Druthers. Wrote daybook poem.
Home a little after 11. Tidied office, booked plane tix for Seattle/Ontario, made list w/ Bree of about a dozen things she needs me to do, did the easiest 4 right away.
Dithered a lot too, though.
Got ready to leave, but saw my dad had called. Talked to him for 20 min.
Listened to the rest of the Robert Dick podcast on the way to Langston Hughes Library (and while eating a burrito).
Worked on Pop Con 5-7:45. Trying to neaten up into grafs, being kind of indecisive about what to include.
Checked out Kevin Young, The Grey Album and W.J.T. Mitchell, Seeing Through Race (which I didn’t know about, and may not get to).
Home about 8:30. 
Quota of Latouche, about 1/4 of Moxley.
Read a few pages of Assayas before bed.
Lights out 12:30.

Moderately depressed the last 2-3 days, possibly longer, to be honest.