Up 7:30. Nothing of note. 
Left at 10. Put a Feldman string quartet on for background, read most of Latouche quota. Elmslie figures frequently by this point.
Coffee/breakfast near library.
Lincoln Center - got there around 11:30.
Worked from 1 to 5:30, with a break for lunch and a trip to the Julliard bookstore across the street.
Didn’t feel like I accomplished much.
Met Jordan Davis in line outside Mercury Lounge to see Caitlyn Smith (and opener Andrea Davidson). Anthropology, for me - she’s a Nashville writer making a bid to be the artist in her own right, and I was curious about what kind of show and backing band you put together for that. Answer: slick.
Had a slice, talked about Jordan’s book.
Read Latouche on train home, back around 11.
Read the Assayas, wasn’t in the mood for poetry.
Lights out 12:30.