Up for a while, maybe 4:30-6. Up for good 8:30.
E77 - read a chapter of Latouche, all but the last section of Assayas, and another quarter or so of Moxley. Caught up in daybook - 1 poem rhymed (aabccb). Nice out.
A long and largely indolent afternoon - a failed day. Too much YouTube and social media - hardly a unique problem, but it’s the clearest sign of my malaise.
Spent an hr+ [the length of that Feldman string quartet] trying to get some perspective by typing up a list of all my current incomplete projects and the order in which the big ones need to be tackled. For the curious, these include:

- final submission of grant materials (hard deadline 5/2, want to get it off my desk within the next few days)
- my talk on Salem 66/Tsunami/Your Band Sucks for PopCon (4/26)
- revision of the “Bridge” entry for a reference work (I think they want a draft 5/1, I may negotiate a week)
- returning to the rest of the book (which is my major writing objective for the rest of the year, grant or no)

[on the music front, with no real deadlines except my own wish to move forward]

- add the recent Shrimper cassette to bandcamp, as first step in transferring my “commerce” there
- finish everything that has to be done on the new HH album before mixing; mainly, guest vocals and horn/string parts
- schedule time at Mitch’s, sometime this year, to mix

I also need to return to songwriting — to finishing songs — for my own self-respect and sanity. All of this interacts with the question of when and how long I will be spending tending to my parents in CA over the next few month.

The full list is much longer, and incomplete.

Listened to side 3 of that Blue Note compilation, finally, made some eggs and pasta for dinner.
Went out around 8:30, copyedited Handy ch. until 10.
Came home, dragged out guitar, fooled with “Viable” for 45 min. or so. Holes in the lyric, decisions about changes — as it is now, the bridge goes to a slower 3/4 that will be easier to get into than out of. More trouble than it’s worth, but it’s what I do.
Listened to a podcast about Syria, but I still don’t grasp enough of the background history (which starts during the Ottoman Empire) to grasp the present. (This is not the podcast’s fault.)
Lights out 11:30.