Up at 8. 
Watched a few Bangles videos.
Poetry daybook.
Farmer’s market w/ Bree.
Added Adorno footnote to intro.
Read Susan Fast’s 33 1/3 on Michael Jackson’s Dangerous on train.
Communitea closed for Easter; went to Sweetleaf
Added another footnote about Leonard Meyer.
Worked 1-5 on grant application.
Called parents for Easter.
Opened up my musty CV, which I have to revise for same grant.
Home on train; more Fast.
Dinner at Urumbaya w/ Bree.
Zoned out at home: card magic videos and 1 episode of Perry Mason.
Finished Fast. Disappointing; hasty and inconsistent.
Read 1/3 of Andrew Levy, Ashoka.
Lights out 1:30.