Up at 8.
Skimmed this.
Snowed overnight, but not that bad.
Madonna’s “Open Your Heart” stuck in my head.
Left at 10.
Listened to 5049 podcast w/ Rebekah Heller (new music bassoonist).
Coffee. Read introduction to Stephanie DeGooeyer, et. al. The Right to Have Rights (on Arendt).
Lunch. Saw someone working on a MS titled “Where Do Birds Go To Die?” though a cafe window.
To Lincoln Center Library; started working by 2.
Worked an hr. each on CV and statement.
Then I looked more closely at the application instructions, and both my statement and intended writing sample are much too long.
Changed gears and cut 3 sections, about 8K, out of the version of the introduction I mean to send; now 15,000 words.
Left at 7:45. Read Ch. 1 of RtHR, started Ch. 2.
Perry Mason.
Decided to use the inconveniently chunky notebook that I began and avoid for the next 3 months of poetry, to fill it up. Wrote a page.
Trips to laundry room for Bree.
More Mason, lights out 1:30.