Up 7:30.
Fussed w/ formatting CV w/ some late-night clips on in background.
Talked to Bree about yesterday’s appt. w/ her GP.
Headed to E77 at about 9. Made a last pass for now at app. materials, turned them into pdfs, wrote emails w/ attachments to editor and recommenders. Done by 11:30. Had been shooting for 4/2, but not bad - application isn’t due until 5/2. Said hi to Mackenzie Wark.
Had a bite in the neighborhood, read 20 p. of Hoover before walking home.
Took a rest, started looking at Howard Pollack, The Ballad of John Latouche. Read the photo captions at the front of the book (odd) and started the family background chapter. Its 472 p. plus notes: Already glad I didn’t pursue my biographical pipe dream.
Tidying/organizational/email triage. Printed out tax workbook from my accountant, worked on that 2-3:30, w/ The Impatient Years (Irving Cummings 1944, Jean Arthur, Charles Coburn, anonymous male leads) and then There’s That Woman Again (Alexander Hall 1939, Melvyn Douglas, Virginia Bruce, apparently a sequel in which Bruce replaced Joan Blondell, who would be preferable), which I didn’t finish.
Petered out, took a break, made a grocery trip.
Left at 5:30, read Latouche bio on train (both ways + a little more Hoover). He played Rasputin in a school production, just like Bree.
Andrew Levy/Kim Lyons prose reading at Sidewalk Cafe. Got Andrew’s new book;Kim had a cold, which was distracting. Wrote in daybook between readings. Said hi to Nada after, but didn’t stay long.
Home about 8:30, Bree out, took care of a few other tax matters. Half-watched Man of the World (Richard Wallace 1931, w/ Wm. Powell, Carole Lombard, Guy Kibbee) and Angels Over Broadway (Ben Hecht 1939 w/ Thomas Mitchell, Rita Hayworth).
Glanced at an Robbe-Grillet novel, Huysmans’ Parisian Sketches, and an anthology of writing about central California.
Lights out 12:30.