Up 6:30. Late-night clips.
R.I.P. Cecil Taylor - put on the WKCR broadcast for a while, and watched part of this. (Returned to Taylor, on radio and YouTube, throughout the day.)
Went to E77, tallied up my 2017 book/record (“research materials”) receipts.
Hadn’t brought anything to read, so l redrafted a graf of the Tin Pan Alley chapter for an hr.
Came back around 10:30. 
Cold and rainy out, hard to get motivated, esp. for a library trip.
Read 20 p. of Latouche. 
Email exchange w/ 33 1/3 ed. on excerpt Salon is running. Other correspondence.
Called my dad. Nothing new.
Read rest of day’s quota of Latouche. His friend Ruth Yorck died at a performance of Marat/Sade. Related this an other tidbits to Bree.
Scrubbed tub so Bree can take an Epsom bath.
Went back out around 5:30, got a bite, went back to E77. Typed up the lyric of “The Bowery” for Bree to send to Jon Weber.
Filled out the rest of tax workbook as best I could. Retweeted Molly Ringwald. (A lot of Twitter today, actually.)
Had a beer. Read another 1/4 of Hoover. Came back at 8:30.
Listened to this.
Watched Smart Woman (Edward Blatt, 1948, w/ Constance Bennett).
Finished/scanned/sent tax materials to family accountant.
Lights out 2. Mundane day.