Up 9, not too much the worse for wear.
Went for coffee, posted to facebook about meeting Randy Weston. 
Had a passing idea for a musical-theater piece based on the Chomsky/Foucault debate.
Finished the Hoover book. 2nd section is in shorter lines, mainly based around word count (3 or 4). Some of it seems written and then broken as it falls. More “theory”-ish concerns. A poem dedicated to a Vietnam vet works for about 2-3 sections, but seems diffuse by the end. 3rd section (of book) goes back to lyric (I’m painting with a broad brush. “Fog and smoke on snow/Make the park opaque.” I don’t think I have a very insightful read on this (or much) poetry.
Put on some Cecil on WKCR (they interrupted the memorial broadcast yesterday for Billie Holliday’s birthday).
Decided not to go to hear Elkhorn in Bushwick tonight - looked up the transit situations, and the weekend trains are verkakte.
Jon Weber came over at noon to rehearse w/ Bree - I wanted to be around to talk him through the chart for “In the Bowery.” Stayed about an hr - went smoothly. Lucky to have an excellent, historically-minded jazz pianist in the neighborhood. Called David Mulkins about checking out the piano they’re going to use at Cooper Union.
Read Latouche on train to Long Island City. Stopped in the new Book Culture. Decent general bookstore, certainly a boon by local standards; 2nd floor all kids/YA stuff, pretty good poetry and lit sections, not so hot on serious non-fiction. A Queens version of the more academic branch near Columbia would be too much to hope for. No remainders either.
Went to a coffee place nearby (there’s a Xi’an Famous Foods coming on the same block) from 3 until they closed at 6. Did an okay job completing the end of the intro from the last 2 days. Looked at the whole section - too many competing drafts, too much to set up before the body….Would love to keep it under 1500 words. Also engaged in a twitter DM change with an philosopher/AI specialist I met in Illinois.
Poem on train.
Back about 7. Went to (a rather meat-oriented) dinner at Chivito d’Oro w/ Bree.
Came back 9:30, watched most of The Model and the Marriage Broker (Cukor 1951, w/ Thelma Ritter and Jeanne Crain).
Tried to rescan some 1099s and book my Pop Con flight, ran into snags on both.
Read to 150 in Latouche.
Lights out 1:30.