Up 6, watched Petticoat Fever (George Fitzmaurice 1936), w/ Robert Montgomery, Myrna Loy, Reginald Owen. Clearly a filmed play - charming, embarrassing Eskimos aside, but trivial.
Napped 9-10.
Email about family business.
Took dad to dr.’s appt. - just a check-up, nothing new. Stopped for lunch at Denny’s near home.
Back just after noon, read 20 p. of The Mao Case, checked a few things online.
Left for library. Worked 2:15-5:15. I guess I’m pretty happy w/ the first quarter of the piece.
Stopped by Rhino, bought 1 skinny tie record by True Confessions; also the Foothill Goodwill, got a sealed copy of Taylor Swift’s 1989 (which I’ve never heard front to back), and an essay collection on Asian visual art and film.
Listening to disc 2 of the Verve Parker set — 11 minute “Lady, Be Good,” probably from Jazz at the Philharmonic.
Dinner, Jeopardy.
Went out at 8:30, had one milk stout at Last Name Brewery. Pretty dead there, which was fine b/c no one thought it odd that I was reading. 20 p. Pankey - the Christian thing is a near-constant, but his imagery and vocabulary get less safe (if not more contemporary) in the 2000s - it’s still quiet(ist?) poetry by many measures, but there is a lyric intensity there.
Daybook poem, actually copied from notes I took at the reading last night.
Forgot the Mao book, so went home by 10, read quota, went to bed w/ a podcast on.
Oh - the tango disc was Trio Hugo Diaz, 20 Best of Classical “Tango Argentino” (Arc 1995).