Up about 6.
Took care of reading quota early. Finished The Mao Case - not really a detective/suspense novel, but an excuse for the author to hang his obsessions with food, classical Chinese poetry, and the Cultural Revolution (all of which are quite interesting). Climactic scene involves a businessmen with a Mao complex strangling the granddaughter of one of his (Mao’s) concubines.
20 p. Pankey. Learned the word “verve” (an annual sedimentary layer, apparently from Swedish).
Watched an episode of Law and Order (keeping an eye on mom while caregiver helps dad shower).
Found a file of Bree’s lyrics, presumably from her last visit here months ago, on the desktop of my computer. She doesn’t show me this stuff — they’re good! Coherent, funny, well-rhymed.
Played a little Monk on the piano (I do this, or other standards, most days, but not long or well enough to mention mostly).
More family business discussion w/ dad. Incremental.
Called Anthony + Beverly about their possible trip to Tucson - their plans affect my activities next week.
Would have left late morning, but there was a scheduled visit from mom’s doctor around 11:30; nothing new.
Went to downtown Upland, picked up 3 dollar CDs and one ($5) by Chris Brokaw at the antique mall; proprietor said Penny Lane is moving in nearby (haven’t been to current location this trip).
Meant to get coffee at Rad, but it was surprisingly crowded - downtown in general seemed more active than usual.
Worked on bridge entry at Ontario Public Library about 2-5. I’m at about 1400 words.
Broke off and read 1/2 of McCrae, In the Language of My Captors. Definitely has power, and anger (not sure this is exact but “whether you are here to look at me or the monkeys/you are here to look at yourself). 
Stopped in the Record Mission nearby, bought the James Chance 4CD box for $2!, + a Gabor Szabo album someone recommended on Twitter and (for Jonathan L.) a record of Norman Mailer reading…Norman Mailer.
Picked up dinner (ordered earlier online) at California Fish Grill, wrote daybook poem and read an article on fashion algorithms (fwd’ed by Jean Cook) on my phone while waiting.
Home, dinner; more irritated with my dad than usual. Jeopardy - and another L&O. Talked to Liz (our main evening caregiver) for longer than usual.
My playing cards arrived in the mail — not trick decks, just high-quality Bicycles designed for magicians (a little thinner, identical Jokers). Ordered 3 packs, opened 1 - feels good in the hands, but I still can’t faro reliably.
Just sort of drifted, watched card tricks and SNL…low energy, nothing worth writing down. Lights out 1 am.