Up 7.
Took care of a business email.
Talked to Bree.
Lunch w/ Kyle in Rancho Cucamonga - stinky tofu, oyster pancake, and noodles at a Taiwanese place that I found on Yelp. The entire Archibald and Baseline strip mall is Asian restaurants/businesses, anchored by a market. Hadn’t been aware of the extent of the demographic change.
Stopped in the Mennonite thrift store, didn’t find anything.
Went to downtown Upland for a haircut, read 1st story in Schutt collection while waiting. B
Bought a CD of lesser-known Sousa at one of the antique malls. Meant to grab coffee, but just went home and napped until 4. Fell asleep during a podcast interview w/ Henry Threadgill - apparently 2 new CDs on Pi came out today. Hard to keep up w/ this stuff.
Listened to the UK beat-girl comp over the course of the day’s driving. Started one of the Numero Group Eccentric Soul comps.
Dinner, Jeopardy.
Went to Upland Starbucks a little after 8. Caught up on this, cleared email. Read to 150 in Artistic License (lost a day), next 2 stories in Schutt, 15 p. of Pankey.
Decided to get one beer, a vanilla/coconut stout with the latter to the fore, at Rescue Brewery in Upland - there are at least 5 bars down there now. Walked in around 11, as a band was packing up. Don’t imagine I missed a great discovery, judging by the guitarist’s control panel of a pedal board. Kept reading Pankey at the bar, unmolested.
Home before midnight, lights out soon after.