Up around 8. Did a few sit-ups — hardly anything, but I promised myself. I need to start going to the gym when I get back to NY.
Watched The Gay Diplomat (Richard Boleslawski 1931), w/ Ivan Lebeff, Genevieve Tobin.
Out around 11. Bought 2 shipping boxes, worked on the bridge piece at the Spot for a couple hrs., picked up prune juice for my dad.
Home around 2:30, prepped pot roast (cutting vegetables, browning), got it in the oven for Liz to watch an hr. later.
Took a ride to downtown Pomona, specifically the Glass House Record Store. Bought some vinyl, inc. reasonably priced ‘70s Arista jazz. Good store.
Stopped in 2 thrift stores on Holt on the way back, found nothing. Picked up salad for dinner.
Listened to the Numero Group comp. (Penny and Nickel labels, Chicago).
Dinner, Jeopardy. Finished Artistic License (took a few notes, not as helpful as I’d hoped) and a couple more stories in Schutt.
Watched Crime Wave (Andre de Toth 1952), w/ Sterling Hayden, Phyllis Kirk.
Started packing for Tuesday. Book and record purchases fit in one 12x12x12 - I’ve been conservative by the standards of some recent visits. Vinyl has to go in my checked back, always a risk. Leaving behind a few larger books that I won’t get to soon immediately
Glanced at my dad’s copy of The Tragic Sense of Life. I don’t really know what’s in that book.
Friend I was supposed to see Mon. cancelled b/c of family health issue (paralleling mine) - replied w/ condolences.
Watched SNL - bad. Lights out around 1, fell asleep to a dharma talk.