Up around 8. Read Ethan Iverson’s long interview w/ Carla Bley in bed. D/l’ed Brahms’ exercises b/c Bley said she practices them daily (later, Hanon too, probably more w/in my abilities).
Played a little piano, mostly half-assed read-throughs of Monk. “Composer’s piano” indeed.
Opened up the dining room table.
Went to Upland Starbucks. Schutt. Finished Pankey - the “spiritual exercises” aspect is pretty much a career constant, and it’s maybe a little predictable that (as of 2008), the selected ends with reflections on aging (“The Effigy I Call My Body”). More direct introspection than introspection-disguised-as-description by this point, vocabulary and density simplifies a bit. The last (loosely prosy) poem, “Deep River” has several good moments (“One can name a river without mapping it. One can map a river without naming it.”) on the way to resolution.
D/l’ed a p.d. edition of The Tragic Sense of Life so I don’t have to carry the book around.
Entered dates of upcoming Moma films in calendar. Caught up in poetry daybook (2 p.). It may have been a strategic mistake, at present, to use a notebook w/ relatively large pages/small lines, as I let this determine the length of entries, but I have written (or written down) a lot of material that might generate something since April.
Visit from Tony + Bill Lakow, and their kids (my 2nd cousins) Maria and William for lunch, 1-4. Mom enjoyed the company.
That was our main meal, so no set dinner plans. Went out from about 7-9:30 to a different, recently opened Starbucks near the 210. Worked on bridge draft.
Came home, read all but last story in Schutt, watched half of Dr. Kildare’s Victory (W.S. Van Dyke 1942). To bed before 11.