Up at 7. Last full day here. It rained last night.
Finished Schutt. Oates w/ Lishian torque, not dialed all the way to Diane Williams. (Not to say this is bad.)
Dropped off dad’s tax forms; met briefly w/ a friend of the family who has a real estate office nearby in Rancho; shipped my box of books/cd; last coffee at Rad.
Listening to Margaret Leng Tan disc of some early Cage piano music - the prepared stuff (Sonatas and Interludes) is great, though pretty directly imitative of gamelan. Surprisingly, I could imagine writing music in this style.
Came home and treated dad to lunch at Brandon’s (also in Rancho).
Packed and took care of loose ends, took a last ride to Rhino, saw Nathan again, picked up used CDs of Palm, David Murray quartet (w/ Roland Hanna on piano), and the Tres Out album on Shrimper, so I don’t have to bother Dennis for it. They were playing Chicano Batman in the store - vaguely heard of them, but I was taken with the trio dynamic, more like what they used to call a “combo” than a rock band.
Dinner, Jeopardy. Watched the last of the Dr. Kildare movie - Andy Hardy is more beloved but they share an ambling pace; there are whole scenes designed to demonstrate Lionel Barrymore’s bedside manner in a children’s ward, the last 20 min. or so of Man With a Cloak so I could delete it, and a (post?)-WWI govt. short, The Cummington Story, about Jewish refugees in a small town in New England.
Read 20 p. of Michael Palmer, Laughter of the Sphinx; 2 daybook poems (went ahead a day so I could put the thick notebook in my checked back).
Went to bed a little after 11.