Fitful sleep, as often before travel. Up at 4, dozed more, up for real at 7.
Last bits of packing, nothing unexpected. Moved some music and pdfs to phone and iPad for flight.
Had enough time to kill to watch the start of Trouble for Two, based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Suicide Club” stories (which I got a poem out of a few yrs ago), w/ Robt. Montgomery, Rosalind Russell, Frank Morgan…looks charming, locked the DVR recording for next trip. (I have about 15 hrs of movies saved long term on my parents’ TV at this point, we’ll see when and if I ever watch them.)
Our usual 3-11 caregiver Liz said last night that she could take me to the airport in between taking her daughter to school and her other client, so I took her up on it. To ONT about 9, easy check-in (bag wasn’t overweight). Wrote a sloppy draft of next graf of bridge piece while waiting for boarding; did crossword and a half-filled sudoko in the place, went back to the draft once I could. Quit after I passed the 500 word quota I’d set - ok for a flying day, glad I didn’t put it off. Now if I can keep that up for the next 7 months.

Read the multiple introductions to The Tragic Sense of Life, and most of first chapter. The core point so far is that we don’t want to die. I don’t know if this is a book I’m going to keep on with right now.
Made connection; on Dallas-Laguardia leg, just let myself watch in-flight entertainment - Roman J. Israel, Esq. (Dan Gilroy 2017), 2 episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm, one of s short-lived show called The Girlfriend Experience. Most high-minded thing I did was listen to 2 movements of Debussy’s “Suite bergamesque,” from a collection I’d liked last time I was on American.
Finally read quota of Michael Palmer while waiting for baggage. That’s perverse, I suppose. Home, by cab, by 11:30. Talked w/ Bree, glanced at accumulated mail, read a few pages of the introduction to Keene, ed., An Anthology of Japanese Literature (at bedside).
Lights out midnight.