Better sleep - up 6:30.
Found last bit of info for dad’s taxes. Will call for appt. tomorrow (a lot of this kind of stuff next week).
Read last 2 stories in Johnson. The most interesting pieces are the martial arts story, and one about the African tribe he invented for Middle Passage. You could, though, assign a story about Descartes and Queen Christina to an undergrad philosophy course. Listened to Gabor Szabo, Dreams (1968), w/ Keltner on drums, while browsing - I don’t know him, really, but this record suggests I’ve been missing out.6/16 is a lock.
Looks like we have a Human Hearts show w/ Tres Oui on June 16. Matt's in, unsure of Pete and Brandon, will contact Annie Nero or Tom Shad about bass if needed.
Left after 10. Drove around Pligrim Place, unsuccessfully looking for info on their weekly book sale. Found a park for the Farmer’s Market; bought a book of intro phil readings (“contemporary debates” kind of thing); zucchini for a frittata; and grape leaves and eggplant for lunch.
Listened to the rest of Uh Huh Her. It’s a return to a stripped-down style, all or mostly recorded solo I think; not as ambitious, song for song, as Dry or Rid of Me, but enjoyable - some great guitar tones/riffs.
Sanctuary. Caught up in daybook (had skipped yesterday).
Drove out to Rancho Cucamonga Library, bought a book on modern-day Brazil, and a handful of $1 CDs, inc. a compilation of classic tangos, a stray Rova Saxophone Quartet disc (very how did this get here?), and YLT’s Summer Sun, which I may already own. Worked on entry for a couple hours.
Picked up dinner at Vince’s, home around 5:30. Dinner - very dull evening afterwards. Read the first few pages of Qui Xiaolong, The Mao Case, watched an MGM “crime doesn’t pay” short about druggists selling stolen merchandise. Fell asleep to a 5049 podcast interview w/ Che Chen from 75 Dollar Bill.