Slept poorly - had breakfast and finished watching Maisie Was a Lady, but had to go back to bed after.
Around 11 or so, did nearly everything that remained to be done on dad’s taxes. Discussed a few matters.
Left around 12:30, went to Ontario Library, spent $3 on 2 books about Native Americans.
Went downstairs (very quiet) and read quota of Warwick + 2 stories in Johnson.
Deposited some checks for my dad, got a coffee at Rad.
Went to Honnold, worked about 3 - 5:30, made another go at the opening of the Middleton “bridge” revision. (Had a useful response from an editor yesterday.) 500 words, not sure if I’m on the right track.
Stopped by Rhino, said hello to Nathan, bought 2 used CDs - a Charlie Parker Verve best of, just for convenience, and OMD s/t debut (cheap, and the reissue w/ extras is hard to find).
Home, dinner, Jeopardy. Restless afterwards, went out around 10 to get a soda but mostly to drive around. Put on PJ Harvey, Uh Huh Her, which I’ve never heard.
Made myself get through some email & the like, after 11. Watched SNL (already online before West Coast broadcast), put on some Robert Ashley, lights out around 1.