Up 6:30.
Meditated 12 min.
Wrote poem. (Found some looseleaf paper, about 5’ x 7’ for this month.)
Left at 9:30. John Coltrane, Coltrane. 1962, the classic quartet. Arlen-Mercer’s “Out of This World,” basically unrecognizable, post-“My Favorite Things.” Tyner doesn’t seem locked in on that track - his best solo is on the last track, “Miles' Minor.”
Coffee, breakfast. At 53rd St. Library 11-3. Trying to get back into bridge book. Looked at the (many) drafts of the intro section to the Tin Pan Alley chapter, tried to work up I guess what you’d call a “fair copy,” got stuck in some indecision about whether to include my comparison of views on AABA songs to WCW’s position on sonnets.
Checked out Betsy Fagin, All Is Not Yet Lost, Oates, Dis Mem Ber, and the most recent Rhianna CD.
Got distractingly hungry, had a bite nearby, went across the street to MoMa for The Brat (John Ford 1931). Supposedly rare and recently restored, but I realized a few minutes in I’d seen it — charming and only 67 minutes, anyway.
Went to one of the three Starbucks on the neighboring blocks during the break between movies, looked at the text some more. Couldn’t find my (free member) ticket to the 7 pm movie when it was time to go - could have gotten another one, but took it as a sign not to give up on work. Found, finally, what I think is the best version of the intro overall, did a little bit of revision, will print and work on that tomorrow. It’s 2000 words at the moment, not bad, so if I do what I want to it tomorrow, I’ll call that my writing quota for 2 days.
Booked rehearsal time for next Thurs.
Started Kevin Young, The Grey Album on train, continued once I got home; finished 50 p. quota by 10 pm, took a few notes. Read one story in Oates.
Wrote to Dan an Ehran about playing together while Dan’s in town.
Played piano (from the Boogie-Woogie Hanon) for 30 min.
Read a chunk of Rivera. Lights out midnight.