Up 7:45
Meditated 12 min. Probably longer, but w/ interruption - timer app malfunctioned and I had to restart it w/ 3 min. to go.
Read 2 of the shorter stories in Oates.
Tried to buy mop heads at our local (long-lined, low-ceilinged, generally depressing) Rite Aid, but they only had one, and it was stained. 
Went out at about 10:30. Read Young on train.
53rd St. library 11:30-3:30. TPA intro - still tough to get back into it.
Lunch at Xi’an Noodles. Finished quota of Young (made marks to take down a few more notes).
Saw the new restoration of Sunnyside Up (David Butler 1929) at MoMa. Brown, DeSylva, Henderson musical w/ Janet Gaynor, Charles Farrell, El Brendel. Seen it before: better visually/photographically than dramatically, tbh. But I do love the title song and “Aren’t We All.”
Read 20 p. Rivera on train back.
Had hoped to go to gym (took bag w/ me), but it closes at 7 on Sat./Sun. Listened to “Africa,” the first track on Coltrane, Africa Brass, on the walk home.
Set up a session w/ Dan Clucas and Ehran Elisha for 6/8. A few other emails, tried to figure out my schedule for next week. Bought mop heads and pens online.
30 min. Boogie-Woogie Hanon. Some exercises much easier than others. Made a little bit of a discovery about the difference (feel of the hand) playing swung boogie-woogie v/ straight rock-and-roll eight-to-the-bar.
Went to Starbucks about an hr. before closing, worked on set list and mp3/charts folder for 6/16 set. Annoyed to find that my Sibelius license isn’t activated, though I’ve been keeping up the monthly payment.
Came back at 11, read an Oates story. When I opened my computer to figure out what was going on w/ Sibelius, the chart for “Soft Gamma Repeater” I hadn’t been able to convert to pdf printed out, as though of its own accord — I must have put it the queue at Starbucks. Odd. Scanned that, put folder in dropbox.
Listened to the rest of the Coltrane album. Read 1 more Oates story + this review of Bill C. Malone. Went down a YouTube card trick rabbit hole.
Lights out 2.