Up 7:30.
Poem. 13 min. meditation.
Sent rehearsal time/set list to band, wrote to club about backline, set times.
Gym. Chapter of de Unamuno, Ornette, Something Else!!! (listening for the form of the heads). I know nothing about the pianist, Walter Norris.
Sawhorses out on 37th Ave., unsure what parade is today. Pride? I thought it was later.
Stopped by E77, read a longer Oates story.
Home around 11:30. 
Finished Rivera, Scaffolding. Book of dated unrhymed sonnets, from the quotidian to the “searching,” in conversation w/ a long list of according to the inevitable end-notes. A little anxious, not always satisfying dense or musical at the level of the phrase, though presumably less casual than it sometimes appears, nor radical in the Mayer way. I see from an interview the lines are eleven syllables - I hadn’t bothered to count, and it seems that the difference from pentameter contributes to the prosiness I’m “hearing.” I feel a little bad about not having taken to this book more.
30 min. boogie-woogie.
Lunch at home. Notes on yesterday’s chunk of Young.
Worked on intro 2:30-4. Got to a reasonably satisfactory ending of 3rd graf - think I can move on from here tomorrow - at the expense of not getting out in time for Bad Girl (Borzage 1931) at MoMa. Found/watched first hour on YouTube instead, as a reward for virtue.
Put on Ornette again, read Young on train to MoMa and while waiting for Transatlantic (William K. Howard 1931), w/ Lloyd Nolan, Greta Nillsen, and Myrna Loy. If James Wong Howe shot an episode of The Love Boat, this would be it. Story by Kern/Wodehouse collaborator Guy Bolton.
Read most of a very short book (or long scholarly article) by Joy Metta, Was the Buddhist a Shaman? (Yes.) Ordered this b/c of a passage about self and not-self quoted in one of Gil Fronsdal’s talks. Only gets flaky/freaky, to my squaresville Western mind, at the end. I’m getting something out of “just sitting,” but I’m not likely to go too far down the Eightfold Path. 
Listened to 2 or 3 songs by Boston new waver Peter Dayton on YouTube.
Lights out 12:15.