Up 8:45 — needed to catch up more than I realized.
Breakfast, got myself together, quickly washed walls near sink at Bree’s request.
No time for piano, which I’d hoped to do in the morning.
Left 10:30, read 25 p. Young.
Stopped in the Salvation Army near 96th St. station on the UWS, bought a mass-market paperback of Goffman, The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life, a Latin jazz CD (not at hand now) that looked promising, and — huge score — a 1917 edition of the poems of Alan Seeger, brother of Charles and uncle of Pete, who died on the battlefield in WWI. $5 total!
Lunch, listened to Dolphy, Far Cry on train.
Library before 2. Spent an hr. on some email/fb/twitter responses.
3-7, TPA intro. Spinning my wheels, revision-wise.
Read Young on train to Bushwick Public House, heard sets by following groups:

Stephen Gauci – tenor saxophone/Sandy Ewen – guitar/electronics/Adam Lane – bass (fair, a little indulgent - but wrote a poem during)

Mika Pontecorvo – Guitar, Flute, Electronics/Kersti Abrams – Alto Sax, Libyan Maqrunah, Mbira/Adriane Pontecorvo – Electric Cello, Erhu, Percussion/Mark Pino – Drums, Waterphone/Elijah Pontecorvo – Electric Bass/Calvin Weston – drums (full bore)

Igor Lumpert – tenor/soprano saxophone/Sean Conly – bass/Jason Nazary – drums (much straighter, but got to some places; bassist a standout)

Dave Sewelson – baritone saxophone/Dan Clucas – trumpet/Ras Moshe – tenor saxophone/Joe Hertenstein – drums (why I was there - to see Dan; free/energy blowing, esp the tenor, but some actual interaction as well; drummer excellent)

Skipped before the last group. Read the first piece in a Green Integer book of Leslie Scalapino’s (performance texts, mostly) during the breaks. Been a long time - this piece from the 2000s, mainly “about” the Iraq War through her usual techniques of refrain (‘night’) and oppositional (to “‘our’ language) syntax, was not hard to get the point of, if not “follow,” until an odd turn toward naturalism (like, plants and bears, not Zola) near the end.
M train not running back into Manhattan, found cab - probably just as well, given the time. Home 12:15, lights out 1.