Up 7:45.
Meditated 14 min.
Boogie-Woogie 30 min.
Gym. Chapter of de Unamuno (insistence that belief in the immortal soul is irrational; so much the worse for reason; interesting commentary on Hume, Kant, James). Listened to Jimmy Guiffre, Western Suite (enjoyable and adeptly played, but suspect, what with originals called “Apaches” and “Big Pow Wow”; there was a bit on Ray Noble’s “Cherokee” turning into Parker’s “Ko Ko” in Young yesterday).
Coffee (and 2 hardboiled eggs and a banana) at E77; read last two stories in Oates. Talked to MacGregor for a while.
Home 1:45. Ran out of steam - abandoned library plan.
Called dad. Considered posting to fb about the Alan Seeger book, decided not to take the time.
Made a business call. Played piano for another 30 min. to make up for skipping yesterday.
Went out about 7:30; had a burger, intended to go to E77 but they were having the monthly open mic for a local poetry scene I give a wide berth, went to Starbucks instead, worked on TPA intro 2 hrs. and change. Getting somewhere?
[Reconstructing this later, I don’t remember what I did after 11 or so.]