Up before 6 - too early.
Meditated 14 min. Had a long talk w/ Bree.
Had to go back to bed for a while.
Boogie-Woogie 30 min.
Read Scalapino (“The Tango”) at breakfast. Her explicit (to me too sweeping) critique of reason/“heirarchy” more explicit this one.
Lincoln Center library, TPA intro, 2-6.
Headed into Wmsbg. Listened to Teddy Charles, Tentet - larger group arrangements, a lot of blowing over backgrounds, didn’t wow me. Bought 2 sale-rack poetry books, the new Wire, and an anthology of essays on Chinese philosophy at Spoonbill & Sugartown.
Went to Wonders of Nature; met Dan Clucas there. Two Mule Team (Rick Brown and Sue Garner) w/ Willie Klein from Mofungo - included cover of Woody’s “Deportee,” which I have to admit is a good song. Wrote daybook poem (and 2 ahead) during set. Talked to Chris Nelson about Your Band Sucks. C. Joynes, a UK guitarist - instrumental electric set, mainly in a folk/modal fingerpicking mode (inc. “Red Wing” and some other trad material), but ending w/ “Someone to Watch Over Me,” a nice surprise. When I asked about another original I liked, he said it was based on the structure of “Night in Tunisia.” Bent Greg Peterson’s ear about standards. Elkhorn, w/ Rick joining for the last piece. Left a Human Hearts record for someone I knew would be playing there in a few days — he had bought it at a show, there in fact, but gotten wasted and left without it.
Managed to read quota of Young on the way home - section mainly on Bob Kaufman, interesting but not as directly related to what I’m looking for. Home/lights out about 1.