Up at 8.
Meditated 15 min.
Went to Caffe Benne around 10 to catch up on this and read some stuff online. (Wifi at E77 too erratic.)

Daniel Trilling: “Any authority figure who says: “We should look after our own before we look after refugees,” probably isn’t interested in doing either.” (Look for his Lights in the Distance?)
Anti-Hamas piece in Tablet. Not going to link.
Ceravolo review by Douglas Messerli.
Eugene Lim on experimental writing: "What experimental literature has the potential to do then is to name and subvert or destroy the many literary, psychological, and social ideologies that are hidden from us. Perhaps the most obvious way literature does this is by its history of churning through aesthetic ideologies."
Alexis Clement on event about poetry’s “white room” (per Spahr and Young) at the Project. Charlotte Shane on anhedonia (more or less).

Came home at noon, practiced the songs we’re rehearsing tonight.
Left for LES around 3. (Had originally planned to walk to Langston Hughes Library and return before heading toward rehearsal, but that proved unrealistic.) Call from Dad as I was changing trains; and a business call while I was on the F w/ intermittent service.
Listened to Tres Oui, Poised To Flourish. Will go back to it before their/our show - some substantial songs (“Sunday’s Crowd”) and interesting arrangement ideas (trombone, not used in a cheap orch-pop).
Had lunch and read a little Scalapino (tough going, little to hang on to). Worked on TPA at Black Cat about 4-6; left when I ran out of smokes, tried to go to another cafe but it had closed.
Rehearsed w/ Matt, Pete, and Annie at Rivington 7-10. Fun. Got through the whole set, returned to a couple songs at the end, picked a few more spots for Annie to do b.v.. Decided we didn’t need another practice before the 16th, which frees up some time. Productive.
Realized I’d left wallet on the way to subway, went back and got it, no harm, no foul.
Read quota of Young on the train. Got lamb over rice near home. Too late to play piano. Printed current draft of TPA intro.
Lights out 1.