Up at 8.
Meditated 15 min. Going to stay at this length for at least a week.
E77 about 9:30. Did my main promo (fb, twitter, an email) for the 6/16 show. Wrote a longish post (to a private online group) about writer’s block.
Practiced one of the two-part inventions (no. 8) a few times to warm up for playing this afternoon.
Started reading Chad Hansen, “Should the Ancient Masters Value Reason?”; finished it, and a reply by Angus C. Graham (the subject of the festschrift its in) on the train. Listened to Johnny Griffin, Change of Pace.
Sessioned with Dan Clucas and Ehran Elisha at Michiko. Free - just played, interacted, talked some. Taped it for my own curiosity.
Headed back to Jackson Heights w/ Dan, met Bree for dinner at Himalayan Yak. More actual yak on the menu than the last time I was there, though we didn’t order it.
Walked home. Read my quota of Young, though I’m behind on notes - and frustrated with the whole “white cover version as original sin” thing.
Read rest of current section (“It’s go in/quiet illuminated grass/land”) of Scalapino. Permutation of elements.
Lights out midnight