Up about 8:30.
Meditated 15 minutes.
Listened to Mingus, Blues and Roots on the way to Langston Hughes Library. (Stopped for coffee.)
TPA intro 11:30-4:45.
Walked home, more Mingus. I love Jaki Byard.
Needed a nap.
Reserved tix to performance of Braxton compositions tomorrow, Karen Oberlin Mon.
30 min. boogie-woogie - getting into the harder exercises.
Went out again, worked on TPA a bit more at Caffe Benne (which closed at 10) and Starbucks. Ran into Steve Wynn and his wife/drummer Linda.

Elizabeth Alexander on black experimental poetry: "The sonnet is a hardy, enduring form that has crossed cultural lines and survived more or less intact for hundreds of years. It is here to stay. It is a useful, appealing, and flexible form. And though today it is a traditional form, it began as a rebellious one. The sonnet is the first poetic form in what we know as Italian and was written in vernacular, which is to say, not Latin. The tradition is marked with innovation from its roots. And so, to reimagine and reinvigorate it and make it black, if you will, is inevitable work for black poets that opens up innovative possibilities." Good reminder/rejoinder to Williams.

Review of Rhythm and Reaction, a UK exhibition on responses to early jazz. Too bad it won’t come here. Fascinated with this painting by John Souter, The Breakdown 1926.

524 Souter The Breakdown 1000px.jpg

Also exists in a sketch or study:



The statue is of Minerva, by the way. Not sure which version I prefer. Possible book cover??

Posted last week of entries here, w/ a little editing. Lights out 1 am. Didn't get to Young, Scalapino, or "daily" poetry.