Up 9:30. Seem to be alternating between sleeplessness and catching up.
Meditated 15 min.
Took some laundry downstairs for Bree and left just before 11. Listened to all of Rhianna, Anti. Odd that it moves from, if not hip-hop, broadly cyclical forms to a couple of songs w/ sectional forms and functional chord progressions (e.g., the retro-soul of “Love on the Brain”).
Quick lunch, worked on TPA at Filicori Zecchini, 96th and B’Way, 2-6 pm. Finally getting there - 2600 words, and I know what the last 2 grafs are.
Karen Oberlin at Triad; Jill Sobule joined her for a song; talked to David Hadju.
Read first 3 stories in L.P. Harltey, Mrs. Carteret Receives. (Need a break from the rigors of Young.)
Home around 9. Rested for a while, 30 min. b-w.
Lights out 11:30.