Up 6. No reason to leave the neighborhood today, which is nice for a change.
Listened to a dharma talk.
E77, read more Hartley. Ran into Seton Hawkins from JLC, told him about the Cecile McLorin Savant talks at Pop Con.

Slate piece on the Enlightenment and race (w/ ref. to Charles Mills &c.)
John Yau on Jack Whitten, Mary Heilmann, Thomas Nokoswski; non-conceptual painting and race/gender exclusions:
Will Stephenson on the Everlys (and Ray Johnson): It was Don who showed Holly and his band how to dress, even recommending Holly try a thicker pair of black glasses. Nap, read some of Charles Johnson, Turning the Wheel. Giving it a chance, but the first long essay on Buddhadharma does exactly what I don’t like — suppose that it’s just obvious that the impermanence/interconnection view of phenomena is not only right but easily seen to be so; that our sense of ourselves (not to use the term metaphysically), others, other phenomena as to some (a) discrete and (b) if not permanent, continuous for a while doesn’t have a fairly strong claim on us. (Surely not just b/c we’re Westerners - if it hadn’t been the case in the Buddha’s time, there would have been no point to his teaching). 
30 min. b-w, also practiced some of the HH set - and remembered to add the 6/16 show to this site!
Organized a cabinet under Bree’s direction. Finally played side two of Szabo, Spellbinder.
Tidied up my office.
Read 2 sections of a longer, mainly prose, Scalapino piece “The forest in the Euphrates River.” There is “subject matter,” but it’s hard to know what it’s status is, and y’know, content is a glimpse (something Young quotes as well); so it’s not tempting to paraphrase here.
Worked on TPA at E77 about 8-10; got to decent complete draft of the section, almost exactly 3000 words. Saw Macgregor, we let each other work — he had a copy of Caroline Levine’s Forms.
Gym. Read a few p. de Unamuno, not a whole chapter. George Russell Sextet, Ezz-thetic. Dig the leader’s piano solo on “Lydiot,” but “Round ‘Midnight” arrangement seems unnecessarily florid - is that really Dolphy?

Could have done this day (esp. meditation and exercise) in a different order, but knocked off most things on my list, except finishing/taking notes on Young. Lights out midnight.