Up 7-ish.
Meditated 15 min.
E77, read Hartley, took notes on Young up to where I’ve read in the footnotes. Took a while, didn’t get to reading the last 30 or so p. of notes.
Came back, dealt w/ some email surrounding the headliners’ cancellation on Sat. Jotted down a few sentences toward a section on the Tin Pan Alley system (history, role of “plugging” etc. - need to gather sources).
Left w/ Bree for her dr.’s appointment, 12:30. That and lunch nearby took up most of the day, ’til 4 or so.
Bought a sale book about the nineties (1890s, is) at Alabaster + 3 at Strand: newly translated Walser, an anthology of poems about world capitals, and a pocket ed. Of Zen Mind, Beginners Mind.
Went to Think to read — Ken Lauterbach walked in, ended up taking the train w/ him, talking about Hartley (I didn’t know he was gay), Losey, and SF.
Yiddish Under the Starts at Summerstage, hosted by Jackie Hoffman. (She announced that she’s playing Yenta in an all-Yiddish production of Fiddler on the Roof — directed by Joel Grey no less.) Frank London, Andy Statman, klezmer-rock bands called Golem and Pharoah’s Daughter, and a cantor singing “Wonderful World” (Armstrong, not Cooke); she also pulled off a strong trumpet solo. Had a hot dog from the Mendy’s concession. Good show, but hard to find a comfortable place to sit there - left near dusk before last couple acts.
Finished the Hartley collection on the train. (Trip extended by missing a stop on the N, and not noticing I’d gotten on a 7 express.)
Humidity got to me today. At home, rested a little, read a few essags in Johnson (I’ll say, he goes his own way). 30 min, maybe even 4-5, b-w.
Dithered online for a while. Lights out 12:30.

Didn’t: write daybook poem, read Scalapino, practice the HH set, listen to a record.