Up 8.
Meditated. Upped the time to 17 min. 
E77 around 9:30. Desultory light editing on TPA intro.
Finished the Johnson collection. Inconsistent. Some interesting background on “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing.”
Wrote 3 notebook-page-sized poems.
Read a few p. of the preface to Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind.
Home around 12. Practiced HH songs 30 min., read to end of footnotes in Young, made a few marginal notes for later.
Rec’d a copy of Drew Gardner’s new book Defender in the mail.
A few pages of Scalapino. Slow going.
Returned call from my dad.
Listened to the first 2 tracks on Gil Evans, Into the Hot.
30 min. b-w.
Some Suzuki. Nap.
Changed water bottle.
Read Scalapino on the train downtown. Listened to rest of Evans.
Browsed in Codex, wasn’t seriously tempted to buy anything (well, maybe Jameson, Valences of the Dialectic, but when would I read it?)
Flower/Antietam/Elk City at Bowery Electric. Chatted with a few people - David Nagler, Richard Newman, Chris Nelson, Rick and Sue.
Listened to John Lewis Presents Jazz Abstractions - not sure how much of this is Lewis, how much Gunther Schuller. “Piece for Guitar and Strings” is a like a less polite version of the Guiffre trio concept - which makes sense, as Jim Hall is the guitarist. “Variations on a Theme by Thelonious Monk” is an extended composition using the materials of “Criss Cross.” Third stream is not, I guess, well regarded, but this was as interesting and adventurous as anything I’ve listened to since the start of the month.
Home about 10:30. Read a good bit of Suzuki. 
Lights out 12:30.