Upset about ICE detention centers - don’t know what to say, or how to hashtag-resist. It has to be acknowledged that the underlying policies continue Obama-era trends; yet the grotesquerie of a coloring book Trump outline on a mural, which also puts me in mind of some Glenn Ligon pieces…. As w/ the Holocaust (or slave quarters, or Manzanar) there will a ‘museum’ of this someday, but we won’t learn anything.

Up around 8.
Slow morning. Got involved on Twitter.
Meditated 17 min.
Finished the Suzuki. 
A couple of chores. Nap.
Went out to E77 at 3:30. Read 50 p. of Sanjek, American Popular Music and its Business 1790-1909. Not going cover-to-cover right now - I’m starting post-Civil War, just got to first mention of the Witmarks. Fascinating.
Chunk of last long piece in Scalapino, “DeLay Rose” as in Tom.
Winnowed some email.
Read 3 short poems at random in that Capital anthology (on Quito, Copenhagen, and Cairo, quoincinentally). Wrote 2 daybook poems (I’m ahead a couple days no - planning to end that project/practice next week, on the solstice.)
Home 7:30. 30 min. b-w. 
Played some of the HH set.
Emails going ‘round about Overlord being added to the show, and the batting order.
Don’t think I got up to much in the mid/late evening, did end up reading a few stories I from Brain Evenson’s Altmann’s Tounge.
Lights out about 1.