Up 8.
Meditated 17 min.
Coffee/bagel - finished the Scalapino.
Gym. Finished a ch. of de Unamuno (did I mention he’s long-winded), listened to Tyler First Recordings, and some of Coltrane Time (w/ Cecil Taylor).
Home around 11. 30 min b-w, about the same practicing tonight’s set.
Started getting myself/equpiment/merch/clothes together after that, and tried to relax a little. Watched a conversation between Henry Threadgill and Jason Moran at Harlem Stage from a couple years back, and part of another Moran talk that started making me mad.
Left around 4:30. Listened to the rest of the Coltrane/Taylor + the Tres Oui record.
Got to Bushwick w/ time to stop in a bookstore called Human Relations (there’s another I haven’t been to a few blocks away, Topos). A couple of tempting academic music books, but limited myself to a $1 book by a UK poet I’d never heard of (title not handy). Loaded in at Alphaville, made set list and read a few p. of Betsy Fagin, All Is Not Yet Lost. (Had decided not to pack the heavy hardcover Sanjek w/ guitar/cords/pedals/records. Felt like a pack animal as it was.) Rest of the band, and the others’ rolled in around 7. Annie brought her husband. Didn’t try to soundcheck. Went back and forth about the order, finally settled.
Overlord - solid, covered “Just What I Needed.” Pepto G, apparently an offshoot of a band I don’t know called Psychic Selves - very delayed/revered out; their hipster friends left immediately after, which I could have predicted. Still, decent, attentive crowd for the HH set - inc. Drew G. and Katie D., Deborah W. and a friend, Drew B., Rory B., Andrew H., Nick M. Seemed like most of the songs got over, Annie sang a bit more than previous show. 

Set: See Me As a Lover/Inland Valley Water Table Blues/A Different City/Soft Gamma Repeater/Illusions/The Old Currencies/Still in Error/Guesthouse/Not Just When We Kiss/Flag Pin

Unfortunately, some of -our- friends left for Tres Oui, but they brought it. Nate, the frontman, does Morrissey when not playing guitar. Got to hang out + talk for a while after, good guys. Walked to train w/ Andrew, until he found a car. Ran into Marc Nasdor just outside the Monroe L station, biking home from Katy Bohinc’s reading at Torn Page. Chatted. Listened to an audiobook of Anthony Trollope, Framley Parsonage which I’ve been listening to off and on, mostly before bed. Home at 2, but stayed up for an hr. to wind down. Lights out 3.