Up at 7.
Meditated 18 min. 30 min. b-w.
Listened to Mary Halvorson, Code Girl on train. Brought lyrics, but couldn’t find it in my bag (turned up later).
Coffee, read a bit of Fagin, wrote 2 daybook poems.
Read in Sanjek over lunch.
Worked on bridge encyclopedia piece 2:30-6:30 at Lincoln. Read Middleton’s relevant sections on “Form” in the previous edition. Revised about the first 1/4 of the piece - 650 words, not bad.
MoMa, for screening of Frances Stark’s adaptation of The Magic Flute. Basically a teaching piece, sort of a cross between a two-hour follow-the-bouncing-ball animation and Peter and the Wolf. I’m not an opera buff, so I learned a lot. Saw Dan Fox on the way in, but he had to wait for his gf Sarah, and I didn’t see them on the way out.
Read a little more Sanjek on the way home, didn’t make 50 p. today.
Lights out 12:30.