Much of today was wasted, and I don’t feel like recounting it in detail. I woke up to early, got distracted by politics, needed a nap later. Managed very little before 5:30, except the usual meditation and piano. I need to think about how to restructure my day, esp. the early part. I am, simply put, not getting enough writing done.

Listened to Code Girl again on the way downtown, did a better job of following lyrics & comp. structure than previous. Took a small box of books to trade in at Codex on Bleeker, bought a pocket hardcover of Trollope’s The Way We Live Now, kept $30 credit for later. Walked from there to Jean & David’s. A couple of regulars didn’t show, Tomeka Reid only other guest. After Leonard was put to bed, played Scrabble. I bingoed w/ BRO[M]IDES, immediately after David did so w/ HO[T]ELIER; ended up winning by 1 point. (Jean usually wins.) We listened to a Marion Williams album and the Bailey/Holland improv rec. I’d bought at Penny Lane in Upland.

Wrote 2 day-poems on train back. Lights out 12:30.